5 Great Reasons to See Your Chiropractor

There are many good reasons to see a chiropractor, and today we’re going to focus on 5 GREAT reasons to do so!

1] Less Reliance on Medication

The pharmaceutical industry gets a really bad rap these days, especially after the opioid epidemic debacle. In so many cases patients DO need to take drugs to manage their pain; but so often doctors prescribe pain medication before testing alternatives. This is where a good chiropractor comes in.

If you find yourself a good chiropractor in your area, he or she may be able to help you reduce your pain medication usage, and in some cases put an end to meds altogether. Furthermore, you may find that the costs of a chiropractor are far less than your medication bills AND you don’t have to deal with any side affects!

2] Back Pain (of course)

I know it goes without saying, but back pain has to be high on the list of reasons for seeing your friendly chiropractor. Some patients’ lives are greatly improved by weekly visits to get their spine adjusted. Your humble narrator used to see a chiropractor twice a week for around two years!

Depending on your ailments, you may only need to go for treatments once a month, whereas some patients go for appointments quarterly to have everything realigned. It always amazes me how much better I feel physically and emotionally after I’ve finished my chiropractor appointment.

Perhaps it has something to do with the aspect of being physically touched and cared for…whatever the reason, I’ve noticed a sense of feeling good every time I leave the office.

3] To Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is SO IMPORTANT for many reasons (short list):

  • concentration and productivity
  • heart & internal organ health
  • weight control
  • immune system
  • sense of well being

If you have trouble sleeping due to back pain (or even slight back discomfort) it’s definitely a good idea to see a chiropractor to see if you can get things back on track.

With just a weekly visit to a reputable chiropractor with good reviews, you may be able to avoid self medication or sleep aids to get a good sleep.

If you’re losing sleep due to stress and worry, your chiropractor visits may help with that as well. Once again…it’s much better than using pharmaceuticals and dealing with the side effects that come with them.

You can see why the reduction of medication is #1 on our list.

4] Total Mind & Body Health

An excellent chiropractor can help their patients in many ways. Often much better than a typical appointment to their MD; where so often they’re whisked into a room, wait for bit, get a prescription, and get shown the door.

A chiropractor is literally hands on. If they’re highly experienced, they can reduce pain and discomfort, give you a sense of well-being, provide advice, and help you understand how you can protect your body on a daily basis.

We’re not saying a chiropractor is the cure-all (far from it), but in combination with a good GP, your own due diligence, and some education, you can greatly improve your life.

Total mind and body health is the ultimate goal, and something most people don’t even attempt to achieve. But if you are serious about feeling your very best and getting the very most out of life you’ll add chiropractor visits to your routine.

5] Car Accident Recovery

When you’re unlucky enough to be in a car accident you may have chronic pain. A really good chiropractor can feel like a lifesaver, as they can greatly reduce your pain and discomfort, while providing ideal exercise plans to help you during your recovery.

Even a small fender bender can throw out your neck and/or back to the point where you’re in constant pain, losing sleep, and popping pills like a Grateful Dead groupie on a binge.

And it’s not just back and neck injuries you could be struggling with. Hips, knees, elbows, wrists, or pinched nerves can be causing a lot of pain; greatly decreasing your quality of life.

And if the above ailments aren’t enough, when your body has been damaged from a car accident you may be suffering from extreme headaches. In fact, some headache sufferers visit a chiropractor for that reason only!

In Closing

If you’ve never been to see a good chiropractor, or EVER had an appointment before, you are in for a real treat. You might find out you’ve become so accustomed to discomfort that you’ve long forgotten what feeling good is like.

It happens.

Take some personal inventory, and closely pay attention to how your body feels. Do you have any nagging aches or pains? Are you waking up in the middle of the night and you don’t know why?

It’s worth going to a chiropractor at least once a month to get an adjustment or have your body attended to by a professional.

Yours in health, from all of us @ Kingdom Chiropractic

Dr. Fredrick Williams / Founder of Kingdom Chiropractic / Tampa Florida
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