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Our Vision

Welcome to Kingdom Chiropractic where we focus on setting people free from their current health conditions so they may live their lives to their fullest potential. We assist people in gaining victory in their health by offering cutting-edge chiropractic corrective care through a customized health plan and our unique technique.

We are on a mission at Kingdom Chiropractic to help create one of the healthiest communities in the world right here in the Tampa Bay area. We envision a world of health and healing, filled with communities where hospitals are empty and children are living drug free lives. We want to see ALL people living the abundant life God has promised, and we hope you will join our mission to SAVE Florida…SAVE THE WORLD THROUGH SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CARE.

Who We Are

Dr. Fredrick T. Williams Jr. D.C. has a specialty practice limited to the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Dr. Williams is an active brain researcher, teacher and clinician who attend patients from throughout the world.

Chiropractic treatment is a relatively new approach to medical care. For just about one hundred years, chiropractors have been studying the relationship between a healthy spine and a healthy body and spirit. Dr. Williams is one who finds cures for patients who had almost given up hope. Today many people have lost all hope of ever living life fully. Dr. Williams is a hope dealer, not a dope dealer. In America we make up 6% of the world’s population, but take over 60% of the world’s pharmaceutical medications.

For most of his life, young Yassin Sayed suffered from extreme Autism, a condition that severely restricted his young life. After years of searching for a cure through conventional medicine, he and his family found relief in the last place she expected to — in chiropractic treatment. The grandmother met Dr. Williams while he was conducting one of his many community health fairs inside of the local Wal-Marts in the area.

What kinds of things can be treated through chiropractic?

Well, we’re finding every day that more and more things that we didn’t think were associated with chiropractic treatment can be affected very nicely. There are testimonials from people who have had their eyesight and hearing back, and people waking up from comas.

It would seem that the level of one’s existence, the ability to participate at a high level of society — to laugh, to cry, to enjoy activities, to not perceive painful stimulation if it’s not necessary — are things that chiropractic definitely does affect. The level to which some treatment will affect these is unknown from individual to individual.

Dr. Williams’s passion is to reach the world through chiropractic. It’s a message that’s not very familiar to most people. We expect miracles to happen every time we attend a patient. And it’s a true blessing to be a part of this process of seeing lives restored!.

– Dr. Fredrick T. Williams

Chiropractic Physician