Brief History of Chiropractic Treatment

Everyday many people experience joint and back pain. Injuries from accidents, playing sports, and everyday life often contributes to spinal compression of nerves that can cause intense pain to radiate up and do your spine as well as into your pelvis and down your legs. Spinal manipulation, exercise, and pain medication are used to treat pain that emanates from the spine. Chiropractic treatments of the spine without surgery or drugs is relatively new and has a storied past. Contact us for more information on obtaining a reliable chiropractor in Tampa Florida.

How Chiropractic Got Started

A gentleman by the name of Daniel David Palmer was the first person to treat a patient by making adjustments to his patient’s spine in 1895. A janitor working in Palmer’s office had a lump on his back along the spine. The janitor told Palmer that he had heard a pop in his back one day and lost his hearing. The following day, Palmer had the janitor lie on his stomach. Palmer proceeded to make adjustments to the spine, and within days, not only did the janitor feel better, but he could also hear again.

Palmer went on to develop his philosophy around vitalism, naturalism, magnetism, spiritualism, science and metaphysics. He was also the first to use manipulation as a technique to adjust the spine and reduce impacts on the nervous system.

There was a great deal of competition between various professions at the time which lasted well into the 1960s. The profession gradually established standards for training, treatment and memberships in recognized associations. Eventually after enduring everything from arrests, jail, and extensive fines, Chiropractic was finally recognized as a profession by state and national organizations. This recognition increased interest in improving service quality, standard clinical guidelines, and research to improve treatment.

From Fringe to Main Stream Medical Recognition

In recent years, interdisciplinary practices have become common. Chiropractors, physio therapists, and medical doctors often work together in common medical settings. Rehabilitation centers, sports medical centers and occupational centers quite frequently have a multitude of professions working together to provide care for their patients.

The objective is to treat the patient without the need to make referrals outside of the organization.

Chiropractic Associations

Today, there are Chiropractic associations in every state, as well as in Canada and many countries around the world. Formal recognition of Florida’s Chiropractic association was given by the state legislature in 1931. Doctors of Chiropractic are encouraged to join the Florida Chiropractic Association as well as national groups to promote standards of care and equality.  In addition, the Council of Chiropractic Education, recognized by the Secretary of the United States Department of Education. Regulates the quality and training offered by colleges specializing in Chiropractic care and treatment.


Doctors of Chiropractic are considered physician-level providers in many states and are part of the federal Medicare programs as part of the Federal Health Delivery system. There are over 70,000 doctors providing chiropractic treatment to millions of patient’s worldwide. Also, there are an estimated 40,000 assistants working in clinical and managerial roles in practices.

Schools & Training

At present, there are approximately 10,000 students attending eighteen nationally recognized educations programs in the US. On average, 2500 chiropractors graduate and enter practices every year in the US.


Doctors of Chiropractic are required to write and pass a series of four national board exams before becoming licensed with their local state authority.

Chiropractic Helping Millions of People

Today chiropractors are helping millions of people with a variety of ailments related to back pain and the spine. They promote a form of healing that relies on the body’s natural recuperative powers without relying on surgery or drugs for treatment. A doctor of chiropractic (D.C.) is a recognized physician, focuses special attention on spinal mechanics, musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular, and nutritional relationships in the absence of drugs or surgery.

As with many professions, Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in specific areas. Many are focused on sports medical-related injuries and treatment for local, professional, and Olympic level competition, while others focus on crisis treatment and management. Then there is the rehabilitation of chronic sufferers of pain and degenerative disorders.

Choosing the right treatment and clinic can be crucial to your recovery form whatever injury you may have sustained. Consumers may want to consider accreditation and membership with state organizations, a doctor’s area of specialization and relationship to your specific needs as well as referrals from other patients and clinicians.

The profession has evolved over the past century and become fully recognized by national, state, and local bodies, including Medicare and Veterans associations, to provide health care.

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