Brief History of Chiropractic Treatment

Everyday many people experience joint and back pain. Injuries from accidents, playing sports, and everyday life often contributes to spinal compression of nerves that can cause intense pain to radiate up and do your spine as well as into your pelvis and down your legs. Spinal manipulation, exercise, and pain medication are used to treat pain that emanates from the spine. Chiropractic treatments of the spine without surgery or drugs is relatively new and has a storied past.

How Chiropractic Got Started

A gentleman by the name of Daniel David Palmer was the first person to treat a patient by … Read full post now!

Sciatica: Causes & Treatments

Sciatica pain is extremely common. The pain can range from debilitating to a minor discomfort.

If you’ve ever suffered from an extreme case of sciatica you know just how hard it can be to function day to day. You may be reading this very post because you’re dealing with pain right now! If you’ve never experienced sciatic pain before and you’re just reading to learn about, will start from the beginning.

Hopefully you can take away some knowledge you didn’t previously have before, and perhaps use the tips segment to help you deal with any sciatic nerve pain you may … Read full post now!