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[vc_team img_url=”3082″ name=”Dr. Fredrick Williams D.C.” position=”Chiropractor” style=”team-style-1″]Dr. Fred was introduced to chiropractic from a wellness and performance approach as a young athlete in the Indiana/Chicagoland area by Dr. Schiffman who sees more patients then anybody in the US. He was mentored by such pioneers as Dr. Schiffman, and other doctors who were affiliated with him as well. Dr. Fred learned early in life that he wanted to serve and make a difference in the world. His vision is to reach the world through the vehicle of specific, scientific chiropractic. Dr. Fred is a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington home of college basketball, known for its popular basketball coach Bobby Knight and the movie “Hoosiers. He did his doctoral work at Life University in Atlanta. Dr. Fred once had dreams of being a professional athlete, but God had a different plan for his life. Instead of playing pro, he now helps the pro’s achieve their optimal health and performance. Dr. Fred did post-graduate intensive training in the sports chiropractic wellness field that further enhanced his love and expertise for getting people better, faster than anybody around. Dr Fred is bringing that expertise to the Tampa Bay area to give hope back to people who may have lost hope of ever restoring their health, without being subjected to a lifelong routine of taking prescription medications, shots, and surgeries. [/vc_team]